Astrological Readings 1 Hour With Chart, $85.00 taped.
½ Hour With Chart  $45.00 taped

Compatibility Readings: Two or more people can find out whether or
not they are suitable in a personal or business partnership.
Location Charts: If you should move to another location other than
your birth location, this charting can give you an idea as to how your
personality will adjust to the new location.

Solar Returns: This chart can give you an idea as to what growth
patterns are in store for you each year on your birthday.
Progressions: On any given birth year you can check to see where the
most dynamic changes will be for that day, month or year.

Past Life Lessons: Our most difficult problems are repeated over and
over again. Why? This type of reading can bring you back to a past life
to understand what we achieved and what we did not, and how it
affects us in this lifetime.

Home Parties: At least 6 people must be present for a reading.  ½ hour
sessions are $45.00 per person.   The hostess of the party will receive a
gift certificate for a free 1 hour reading.
Showers/Birthday Parties Invite 2 or 3 psychics to give your guests a
20 minute reading. They will love it!

New Born Readings: A great gift for mom and dad will be the natal
reading of their new baby.  This reading will give the parents an idea of
where their child may succeed and some constructive advice as to
where their child may have difficulties and what to do in order to work
positive results.

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