Reading are booked by calling 860-274-1690 or by email.  Monday through Sunday from
11:00am. To 7:00pm.  Readings are taped if you like.
Phone readings are available as well, can be taped and sent
to you at no extra cost.  Credit cards or cash is accepted.

"DEE RANDIS": is an Astrologer, Clairvoyant, Tarot reader, Numerology, Past life readings.  Dee
has been reading for over 40 years and is the owner of the Metaphysical Center of Watertown, CT.
Using the Astrology Wheel as a tool, Dee can interpret where you are at a given time and help you
with decisions that you need to make according to whatever personal problems you may be dealing
with. Psychological blocks can be determined by planetary positions in your chart and being made
aware of those blocks can help you become stronger by releasing those blocks in your life. Dee can also
connect with your spirit guides through your chart when they want to come through in order to give
you advice or messages. She can give you an example of past lives as well, using the planetary transits
and numerology to determine the years of past lives in order to assist you with lessons that come from
long ago and still linger.  Her mediumship abilities began about 4 years ago when she began mentoring
with "Crazy Bear" a well know medium who agreed to teach her.  Since his passing in 2015 the same
year as her stepmom,  after her mom passed in 2011 and her dad passed in 2014, Dee knew that she
needed to listen to her friends advice.  The spirit world will come when they decide to come and speak to
you .  They cannot be forced. Dee, through the advice and guidance of Crazy Bear will bring forth the
deceased that would like to connect to those receiving readings.
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