Psychic Get Togethers
Our Psychic & Holistic Get Togethers will be held every other month
on a
Sunday at the VFW Hall in Watertown, CT., RT 6,  866
Thomaston Road.
 Our next scheduled Fair is February 18th, Sunday
from 10am. to 5pm.
   Call 860-274-1690 for questions. The
Metaphysical & Holistic Center has been holding psychic fairs in CT
since 1994. We carefully screen our readers and do not accept
scamming.  Private Party Fairs are available in your home, Call for
info.  Free Lectures all day and No Admission.

Important Facts: A reader should NEVER tell you that you have a
curse around you during a reading! Money should NEVER be
requested from you to help get rid of negative energy or a curse! A
good reader should be able to tell you what is happening in your life
without a great deal of questioning. A reader should not intimidate or
suggest that you come back for another reading to soon. That should
be your suggestion!

Free Lectures, Classes and Workshops will be offered and announced
via email.
860-274-1690         DEE'S METAPHYSICAL CENTER